Question 1: How much do geotechnical investigations cost?
Answer: The price of geotechnical investigations is only about 3% of all foundation construction costs. The exact price of works for each object is calculated separately and depends on the number of investigation points. Please send us your inquiry including the name and location of the construction object and we will get back to you with the exact price of geotechnical investigations within one business day.

Question 2: Can geotechnical investigations reduce the costs of foundation construction?
Answer: Yes, high quality geotechnical investigations may significantly reduce the costs of foundation construction, typically, up to 20%. Considering the fact that average cost of foundation construction for a residential house is around €11 000, a considerable amount of money can be saved, simultaneously ensuring high quality of the foundation construction.

Question 3: The construction company recommended us bored piles of 2.5 m in depth; however, the geotechnical investigations carried out by your company revealed that 5 m deep piles would be necessary. This would significantly increase the foundation construction costs. What would you recommend in this case?
Answer: Congratulations on saving your future house which will be valued at approximately € 100 000! As a matter of fact, construction companies often recommend using 2.5 m deep bore piles because they have no equipment that could drill deeper. We have encountered cases where 2.5 m piles were used, even though 1.5 m piles would have sufficed based on soil properties. The foundation type, pile depth and other foundation parameters should be calculated by a qualified architect/ constructor rather than construction workers or geologists.

Question 4: Are geotechnical investigations mandatory when designing a residential house?
Answer: Geotechnical investigations are  mandatory for residential houses.

Question 5: Our house was built in 2008. No geotechnical investigations had been carried out. This year, the walls of the house started cracking. Geotechnical investigations revealed that there was a peat layer at two meters in depth. What would you recommend in this case?
Answer: Obviously, you should have carried out geotechnical investigations prior to the construction of the house; however, there may still be a way to save it. The foundation of the house may be reinforced by strengthening the soil with low bearing capacity. Soil stabilization injection under the foundation should be used to reinforce the weak soil by pouring concrete or other specialized mixture into bored holes. The price of soil injection works starts at € 5 000.

Question 6: Do you mark out the foundation in construction site?
Answer: Yes, we can mark out the foundation. All works are performed by a certified geodesist. In the course of marking works, the foundation mark-out plan is prepared, which is given to the customer. The foundation mark-out plan is necessary for the approval of the construction. To mark out the foundation, we need to have the house plan (preferably in DWG format).

Question 7: Do you construct bored pile foundations?
Answer: Bored pile foundation construction services are provided by our partner Pamatai UAB. For more information please visit their website at www.pamatai123.lt .

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